Ohhh Snap!

Oh my goodness y’all!! I’m three days behind on my blog. Maybe I can make up for it. I think I found a really cool deal and everyone knows I love a good deal! I downloaded the Snapfish app, which I use to order prints of photos, and I noticed they were offering 100 free prints a month for a year, if you download the iphone or android app. Sounds almost too good to be true, but I’m gonna give it a try.
I’m big on ordering prints. I feel like we are too dependant on the digital stuff and that one day our children or our children’s children  are gonna want to see our photos and they won’t have any because our digital files got lost along the way. If your anything like me, you probably find it interesting to look through your parents’ dusty record collection or old school photo albums. I’m not sure that my potential future children are going to be firing up my MacBook Pro in twenty years and looking through my iphoto or iTunes library.
There really isn’t any romance in the thought of that, so I try to capture history in a tangible form as much as possible. Anyway..enough rambling. Here are the links;
iphone app
Android App


Xo r

Don’t forget!


I’m enjoying blogging about halloween and sharing some beach snapshots, but I don’t wanna forget about the reason thirty shades exists, breast cancer awareness!! So please don’t forget to make your mammogram appointments ladies! I’m serious. Getting my breast squished in metal is not exactly my idea of a good time either, but I can’t say it’s all that terrible either. I can think of way worse things;

1.The Dentist
2. Bikini Wax
3. Annual Exam
4.Locking one of your fingers in your car door(yes, I’ve done this..trust me it’s way worse than a mammogram).

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Halloween Love


Most of y’all probably know by now I love to do crafts, but since I’m on vacation I haven’t really had access to my supplies, so for now I’m having to borrow other people’s great ideas to share with you. I have handpicked a few of my favorite halloween/fall craft ideas. Here’s what I was looking for when I chose these; *easy *cheap *cute! Seems I like my crafts like some men like their women! I think pretty much anyone can do these projects. Hope you enjoy! Xo R (ps.Click the pink words for full tutorials)

Fireplace Pumpkins


Spider Web Doilies
(No link- this one should be pretty obvious. Get a vintage doily and a little plastic spider and frame it up!!-ps. Your local goodwill is an awesome place to buy cheap picture frames)
Glitter Pumpkins!

And last, but not least, this may not be as easy as promised, but it’s so cute and I’m sure it’s cheap to make so I had to include it. -no tutorial with this one either. Use your imagination.

Airstream Pumpkin

Beachin’ Again!

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but leave this dramatic music on my video. We are actually having a great time, but this music kind of makes it seem like somethin sad is about to happen! The only sad part is having to leave the beach.
Hope you like it!



Wow!!! So after I wrote that blog yesterday complaining about not getting any pumpkins, look at this! My friend who stopped by to water the plants texted me this photo of our pumpkin patch. I have officially helped bring a pumpkin in to the world! :)  I know I’m probably overly excited, but this is my first time planting anything other than an herb or a flower. Being the pessimist that I am, I just found it near impossible to believe  that after I planted a seed in the ground a plant  was going to actually sprout through the dirt, and beyond that, a pumpkin was going to somehow pop out of that plant. I mean if I had never seen it happen before I would say to the person telling me this process, “You are Nuts!” This whole thing probably sounds silly and maybe even child like, but I think sometimes it’s good to let yourself be amazed by the cool little things God does. This simple gardening process reminds me to  have more confidence or faith in things I can’t see.  To know I have planted little seeds all over my world and something beautiful is always liable to just pop right up out of the ground. How about you? Have you planted something good? Are you faithfully anticipating it’s arrival or constantly doubting,like me? I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna try to start expecting pumpkins instead of weeds!! Xo r

Why Didn’t I think of that?

I tried to grow pumpkins this year, but it definitely was not a successful endeavor. I will be shocked if I get even one tiny little pumpkin. Oh well! I’ll just have to buy my pumpkins and try again next year.
I enjoy carving pumpkins and pretty much everything about fall. I guess it’s my favorite season. In Tennessee it’s usually the perfect not too hot and not too cold season. Knock on wood! With my luck it will be snowing when I get home! Anyway, before I forget, I wanted to share this pumpkin carving tip I found on a blog called  It’s super simple, but may be pretty helpful for your pumpkin carving projects this year. I’m definitely gonna try it on at least one pumpkin. Check it out here:   http://www.happyhooligans.ca/pumpkin-carving-tip/

Please forgive these short sweet blogs while I’m vacationing with the fam. Xo r