Overnight Oats Cookie Style


Long time no blog.. I know! I’ve been kind of overwhelmed. Although, that seems to have been my favorite phrase over the past year or so. I’m always apologizing to friends when I don’t return texts or emails for days. It’s weird when your on the road, it’s like a time warp. Days can go by and you don’t really notice. I kind of ignore my phone. I guess I figure I can’t be of much use to anyone since I’m not in town, but here’s the kicker, if I don’t respond to someone, it goes on this never ending list in my head, and I’ll think of that thing I’m “supposed” to do every single day, at least once. I guess that’s called procrastination. Anybody feel me ?

Speaking of procrastination,
I gained seven pounds after I got married and I have procrastinated going on a diet until just a couple of weeks ago. I’m jumping on this whole “clean eating” train. I’ve searched a lot of blogs with recipes and meal plans and I’ve learned a couple of things so far. I’ve tried to make quinoa twice and I’ve pretty much decided it’s just not for me, no matter how wonderful it is. There are not many foods that I don’t like, but I’m pissed at quinoa right now. I added everything under the sun to the enormous bowl of quinoa that I made and it still tasted so bad that I decided to fry it in to a quinoa patty and put ketchup and mayo on it. I don’t think the husband was too thrilled about that dinner, but he’s a sweetie, so he ate some. On the other hand, I did find a recipe for overnight oats that I really like: http://www.ohsheglows.com/2013/11/21/my-go-to-travel-breakfast/ Of course, once I made that recipe, I started looking for ways to doctor it up and found a new recipe which included yogurt. I fixed up my new found version of overnight oats and when I dug my spoon in the next morning I was pretty unhappy. The yogurt kind of ruined the whole thing, but I hate wasting food, so here’s where I got creative.. I decided to scoop those nasty oats on to a greased cookie sheet and make “Overnight Oat Cookies.” I sprinkled some brown sugar on top before baking for 15 minutes and it was like lemons in to lemonade ! I definitely think I will make these cookies again. They are full of good healthy stuff and filling as well (but don’t get me wrong they are not oreos). Here is the recipe:

Rosie’s Overnight Oat Cookies

1 cup rolled oats
1/3 – 1/2 cup milk (almond/coconut/2% whatever you like ]
1/3 cup plain greek yogurt
1/2 banana
1/2 tbsp chia seeds
Maple syrup to taste
pinch of salt

Put all of your ingredients in to a mason jar, shake and put the lid on tightly
Refrigerate overnight
Preheat oven to 350
Grease a cookie sheet
Scoop the oats mixture in to a small bowl and mash together until bananas are mushy
scoop tablesoon sized drops on to cookie sheet
sprinkle with brown sugar
Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown
Let stand for 5 minutes
Enjoy !

You can add all kinds of stuff to your oats before refrigerating.
Here are a few ideas:
chocolate chips
flax seeds
peanut butter

ps. I’ve lost four lbs so far by eating clean and I feel pretty good :) Time to eat cookies !

Lazy Day !


Photo by Maria Arnold

Well… I haven’t blogged in a while. I was thinking of maybe doing a short cooking video featuring the Pioneer Woman’s Skillet Cornbread, or maybe doing a live stream and playing some music, but then I finally decided I didn’t feel like doing my hair or makeup today, or even getting out of my pj’s, so words will and pictures will have to suffice for now. This is my first day off this week and I’m a little worn out. I seem to have zero energy lately. I started drinking bulletproof coffee and I’m about to eat a bunch of kale in hopes that I will get some get up and go. I guess a diet of muffins, bagels, and uncrustables just won’t do the trick anymore. Time to get healthy!

All of that aside, I do have something more interesting to talk about than my utter lack of motivation today. I have teamed up with a jewelry company I really love to bring you, “The Legends Line,” the first set of bracelets  created by Jewels for Hope and inspired in part by yours truly. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase will go to The Young Survivor’s Coalition. Below is the explanation of the inspiration behind the line. Even if ya don’t need a new bracelet or three, I still think the idea of being “Legendary” is a good thought to ponder. I’m one to talk.. lol !! Sitting here watching Joyce Meyer in my pj’s, while I’m paying someone to clean my house. Maybe not one of my most, “legendary” moments, but I’ll make up for it tomorrow. Sometimes we all just need a vacation from our problems, as my dad calls it. When I’m not on a vacation from my problems, here are some of the good thoughts I’m thinking, which also serve as the inspiration behind the beautiful bracelets:

“I think of my life as a story. I think of a legend as someone who has a story worthy of telling. Every day we have the opportunity to make decisions that will make our life’s story legendary.

The first three pieces of this line have been named for three of my musical influences, who I consider to be legends. I find these artists inspiring because they remind me, that it’s all right to embrace the things that make us different, to take a stand for things we believe in, and to relentlessly follow your dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, being legendary is not about being famous, it’s about living a legacy, something that inspires another in some way. For example, my grandparents are not “famous,” so to speak, but in my heart they are legends. Their life stories have inspired the best parts of who I am and will go down in the history of what makes me uniquely me. I wear my bracelets as a daily reminder to make decisions that make my story legendary. What’s your story ?”

The best part is that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these bracelets goes to the Young Survival Coalition   which is the premier global organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. YSC offers resources, connections and outreach so women feel supported, empowered and hopeful.

 click here to go to www.jewelsforhope.net




Quotes from some of my favorites:

“Baby, sweet baby if its all the same. Take the glory any day over the fame.” – Lucinda WIlliams “Fruits of My Labor”

“All I can do is be me, whoever that is.” – Bob Dylan

“I’m not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I’ve always been a freak. So I’ve been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I’m one of those people.” – John Lennon

Oh.. and here’s a photo of my lovely grandparents! Over 50 years of marriage and still going strong.Image

Me and my Honey…


I’ve been feeling crafty lately. More so than usual. There are 100 things I know I should be doing, yet still I keep finding myself with armed with a glue gun and ready to fire! Anyone within close proximity is in danger of being glittered or wrapped in bows. I felt kind of bad the other night when I got to embossing with glitter in bed and my husband had to sleep on sheets covered in sparkles. Talk about a Rhinestone cowboy!

That brings me to my latest project: Sweet Little Christmas Gifts

I got this idea because my in-laws live next door to a bee keeper and we ordered a case of his honey. He packages it in wine bottles and it is some of the best honey I’ve ever tasted.

I got to thinking about how to wrap it up and make it look cute to give as gifts and this is what I came up with! It’s a simple project, even if you’re not very crafty.

What you will need:

1.A cute jar of honey (preferably local)

Once I ran out of the wine bottle honey, I found more local honey via craigslist. I have honey for days !! I highly recommend finding a supplier in your area.

2. A Candle

I bought mine at target, but if you want to go on the cheaper side you could buy them at Walmart and affix your gift tag to the front as a label.

3. Gift tags

I made my own by printing out the words “May Your Days BEE” and “Merry and Bright”on plain printer paper and then I cut them out with pinking shears and glued them to craft paper. I found an awesome craft paper book at target for $6. This is where your personal creativity comes in. You could even hand write the tags, if you have good penmanship (i don’t!)

4. String or Ribbon

I bought my string at Walmart in the yarn aisle. I love the look of the old fashioned bakers twine.

5. Optional: Christmas Cards

To elaborate on the pun, “May your days BEE, Merry and Bright”, I got photo cards from Walgreens with a wedding photo printed on them, and then on the inside I wrote, “..And may all your Christmases be white,” but if your not a newly wed maybe you could attach that phrase (And may all your..) on a bar of white chocolate or some White Hot Chocolate Mix and include that in your gift package!!!

I am so pleased with how these turned out, and though they are small gifts, I feel like the work I put in tying each bow and making each little tag, makes ‘em special.

Marry Christas to y’all. I mean.. MERRY ! There I go again with the puns. I just can’t help myself.



merry and

Like Crazy

I guess I’m a little behind on posting this video, but here is the press release that went along with it, if ya wanna know a little more about the song and video :) xo r

CMT Pure World Premieres The Music Video For Rose Falcon’s “Like Crazy”

NASHVILLE, Tenn – Recently named one of CMT’s “Next Women of Country,” recording artist Rose Falcon will debut her brand new music video “Like Crazy” on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. Tune in to CMT Pure to catch the world premiere. The video can also be viewed HERE.

“Rose Falcon was an immediate choice for CMT’s ‘Next Women Of Country’ franchise that launched in January because she was making it happen on her own as a singer and songwriter,” says Leslie Fram, CMT’s SVP of Music Strategy. “Her unique way of delivering a melody really draws you in and you can’t let go.”

Reflecting on “Like Crazy,” Rose describes it as a kind of dare, “I dare you to love me, despite my flaws, to love me even when it is not easy, and at the same time, a promise that it will be worth your while.”

When asked about the concept behind the video for “Like Crazy,” Falcon states, “I knew I wanted something unique, a visual that would match the emotion in the lyric, but I just couldn’t put my finger on how to do it. With the help of Greg Travis and Melissa Fitzgerald at Travis TV, we came up with the concept of using real life marriage proposals. We started searching YouTube for proposal videos and we found some that were incredibly moving. Recently engaged myself, the video ended up being a celebration of love, really capturing the sweetness of this period in my life and of the bravery that it takes to truly love someone.”

Rose Falcon is currently touring on the Most Hits For The Money Tour, which is receiving rave reviews, also featuring Rodney Atkins and Frankie Ballard. Rose’s portion of the tour is sponsored by Southern Pigskin and you can check out http://www.RoseFalcon.com for upcoming dates.

Aside from being an artist on the rise, Falcon is making a name for herself as a songwriter with her first top twenty single, Eric Paslay’s “Friday Night.”

Falcon states, “I feel I finally really have a handle on who I am as an artist and a writer and I am blown away by my loyal fans, who have been continuously supportive of me and my music. I am so proud of this song/video and thankful to CMT and all of the Country Music news outlets and bloggers who have supported its release. You make it possible for me to live out my dreams and share my passion. I am incredibly blessed and grateful.”

Tween Waters Wedding Love R&R

So this is the last of the wedding gushing I’m gonna do for now. I honestly never thought I could be this girly and excited about something, but this was a truly wonderful day and I have a lot of people to thank for it. I also want to share my vendor info in case anyone is planning a wedding in Captiva, Fl or in the Naples area. This was seriously a perfect day and the only thing missing was my beautiful Mama. I would like to dedicate this Video and all of the joy in it to her. Below the video you will find a list of vendors and info that you may find useful for future planning. Love you. xo r

I would like to thank and recommend:

1. Our Officiant: Charles Hutchins and His lovely wife Eva Gray Hutchins, the founders of Holston Home fore Children in Greeneville,TN, where Rodney was fostered as a child, before being placed with his wonderful parents. There were a lot of special things we wanted to do during our ceremony and Charles wrote beautiful vows for us and made it all fit together perfectly.

Holston home is a great place to donate if you are looking to do so before the year is up. Check it out: http://www.holstonhome.org/

photo by Cher Hanna

photo by Cher Hanna

2. Kara Cardinal: My amazing, caring, sweetheart of a wedding planner. There were so many crazy things that happened while trying to plan this small event and she handled all of it with grace and with a heart that understood the importance of this day. She did all of the decorating and the flowers for my wedding, aside from the crafts that I did. Here is her website: http://www.wedding.com/wedding-vendors/fl/naples/wedding-planner/kc-interiors-and-events-inc./129989

3. Cher Hanna Photography: Cher was our lovely wedding photographer along with her husband Ed and daughter Chloe. I could really go on and on about her. She captured all of the special details and was just cool to be around, putting us totally at ease. She didn’t miss a thing !

Cher Hanna Photo http://www.cherhanna.com/

4. Vibrant Media: Alex Cascio and Vibrant Media Productions created this wedding video which, in my opinion, stands up next to any music video I have filmed ! I worried a little bit about having a videographer and that it would be distracting, but we hardly noticed he was filming and he and his filming partner were such great guys. I really was blown away by this video. It made me smile and cry all at the same time. http://www.vibrantmediaproductions.com

5. Christine Harrower and The Staff at the Tween Waters Inn and Castaways: We LOVE the Tween Waters Inn. It’s low-key and unpretentious, a place where you can lay out at the beautiful beach or go fishing. The restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner is called the Old Captiva House and the food is truly exceptional. Our families raved about it. There is a more casual restaurant on site called, The Crows Nest and it is awesome too ! Rod loves the grouper bites.

Back to Christine, the events coordinator, she did a great job working through all of the details and helping us get exactly what we wanted. It took a lot of communication to figure this all out, and she handled it all very professionally and with care, always giving us options and trying to find the best way to accommodate our needs. I also got my hair and Makeup done at the Spa at Tween Water Inn by a lovely girl named Soad. It was awesome to be able to be able to do that on site. Overall, everyone that we came in to contact with at Tween was so helpful and accommodating. I cannot say enough great things about this place.


6.Vivian Aiello Seaside Strings: Vivian played violin at our ceremony and she even learned “These are My People” for our recessional. She was such a kind person and played beautifully.


7. The White Room in Lebanon, TN: I worked with a girl named Ashley at the Bride Room to find my dress. She could have easily gotten frustrated with me after I came in three separate time with a different audience of critics. First my dad, then Rodney and his parents, and then, finally, alone. I ended up choosing a dress that Rodney picked, as I could not make up my mind to save my life. I never had that AH-HA this is the perfect dress moment, but it did turn out to be exactly the right dress and I can’t imagine having worn anything else. Ashley was extremely kind and patient. I also purchased a beautiful hand-made sash from the white room, that I really felt made the dress and there in house alterations woman was just perfect.


Photo By Cher Hanna

Photo By Cher Hanna

On another note, since people keep asking, my head piece was semi-made by yours truly. I will try to post a tutorial sometime soon, but basically, I got the twine that looks like branches at Walmart in the floral department, some gold and green wire, and some fake flowers. I fit the twine to my head and then started experimenting with flower placement and tying little ribbons in places. It was not an exact science. I just tried to see what would look good with my face. Once I figured that out, I sent the prototype to Kara and she simply replaced the fake flowers with fresh ones. I highly recommend making a prototype if you are going to wear something like this, because with the wrong flower placement, these headbands can easily look silly.

Extra Notes:

My necklace was from J Crew and my pearls were my grandmothers

We got all of our rings from Stephanie at Genesis Diamonds


I got this cute little ring holder on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62235994/beach-wedding-seashell-ring-holder-ring?ref=market


I custom made our hats on Custom Ink

photo by Cher Hanna

photo by Cher Hanna

My flip flops were from Southern Tide (our favorite) http://www.southerntide.com/


Train Tracks, Guitars, and Rumbling Buses Day 26


After my dad and I spent a few years living with my grandparents, we moved to Nashville. I was nine or ten years old. He found a house and got it all set up before I went down south to live. When he picked me up from the Nashville airport he blind folded me. When we finally arrived at our destination and my blind fold was removed, I was standing on a diving board, and before me was an enormous swimming pool with lily pad candles, floating in it, and a slide. I said, wow dad ! is this the community pool ?? He said, “No Rose, this is your pool”. I don’t think I had ever seen an in-ground swimming pool in a backyard before. I was blown away! We went inside the house and he took me to my bedroom, it was beautiful! Painted pink, with a border of roses, and white matching furniture with a four post bed. This sure beat sleeping in Grandma’s hallway! Once again, I was blown away. I went to bed that night, very happy and a just little scared of my new unfamiliar room. In the middle of the night I was awoken by a loud rumbling!!!! I freaked out!!! My whole room was shaking. I thought well, that would happen to me, I finally get a swimming pool and the world is coming to an end. I ran down the stairs to my dad’s room and violently knocked on the door. He came out, startled, “what Rosie, what’s going on” ? “Dad, didn’t you feel the whole house shaking?”,  he laughed, “It’s a train, Rose, there are train tracks across the street.” I don’t think I had ever heard a train, none the less, felt a train! Welcome to Tennessee! In retrospect, I guess we probably got a pretty good deal on that house, with the train being so close.  I grew to love the train tracks over time, and barely noticed the sound after a while. I got used to sleeping with the sound of loud guitars, trains, and now the rumble of a bus. At first the the south felt odd to me, and I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. I showed up on the first day of third grade with bangs like Jim Carey in “Dumb and Dumber”, a bright yellow dress, and a “Blossome-esque” hat with an enormous sunflower on the front. You would think, that would be enough embarrassment, but the kids kept asking me to say words, because I, “talked funny”. Drawer was” Dr-aww”, cherry was, “Ch-eh-rry”, but to them it was,“chairy”, and I was just another third grader, but to them I was different. After nineteen years, I now consider myself a southerner, and I feel accepted and proud of who I am,  but I have to attribute my need to express myself with the written word,  to the awkwardness I felt growing up. I am now thankful for those awkward years, but I have to say, I am glad to be grown up and never have to face another day of trying to find a seat in the school cafeteria. If you’ve ever been a “nerd” lol.. or still are, this one goes out to you! Make it work in your favor, embrace it. Being cool is overrated and living by a train track is not so bad. :) Trust me. 

Also, now that we are no longer living by the train track, we are inviting people who live in Nashville and near by to come watch the taping of our live stream in person. Click here for details: EVITE 

“Love every morsel of the people in your life.” – Jennifer Merendi Day 24


I had looked through these pictures before, a few months ago, but a girl named, Marissa, left a comment on this blog with a link and called them to my attention, once again. Through writing this blog and learning more about breast cancer, these photos hit me way harder this time. What a beautiful love story, with a tragic end.  Below you will find the letter Angelo Merendi wrote about his wife, Jennifer, who he lost to breast cancer. He documented her battle with a series of photos. You can see them here: My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer  I thank Marissa for sharing this with me and Angelo for sharing his heart and bringing awareness to the cause. 

Angelo’s Story:

The first time I saw Jennifer I knew. I knew she was the one. I knew, just like my dad when he sang to his sisters in the winter of 1951 after meeting my mom for the first time, “I found her.”
A month later Jen got a job in Manhattan and left Cleveland. I would go to the city – to see my brother, but really wanting to see Jen. At every visit my heart would scream at my brain, “tell her!!” but I couldn’t work up the courage to tell Jen that I couldn’t live without her. My heart finally prevailed and, like a schoolboy, I told Jen “I have a crush on you.” To the relief of my pounding heart, Jen’s beautiful eyes lit up and she said “Me too!”

Six months later I packed up my belongings and flew to New York with an engagement ring burning a hole in my pocket. That night, at our favorite Italian restaurant, I got down on my knee and asked Jen to marry me. Less than a year later we were married in Central Park, surrounded by our family and friends. Later that night, we danced our first dance as husband and wife, serenaded by my dad and his accordion – ♫ “I’m in the mood for love…”♫

Five months later Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember the exact moment…Jen’s voice and the numb feeling that enveloped me. That feeling has never left. I’ll also never forget how we looked into each other’s eyes and held each other’s hands. “We are together, we’ll be ok.”

With each challenge we grew closer. Words became less important. One night Jen had just been admitted to the hospital, her pain was out of control. She grabbed my arm, her eyes watering, “You have to look in my eyes, that’s the only way I can handle this pain.” We loved each other with every bit of our souls.

Jen taught me to love, to listen, to give and to believe in others and myself. I’ve never been as happy as I was during this time.

Throughout our battle we were fortunate to have a strong support group but we still struggled to get people to understand our day-to-day life and the difficulties we faced. Jen was in chronic pain from the side effects of nearly 4 years of treatment and medications. At 39 Jen began to use a walker and was exhausted from being constantly aware of every bump and bruise. Hospital stays of 10-plus days were not uncommon. Frequent doctor visits led to battles with insurance companies. Fear, anxiety and worries were constant.
Sadly, most people do not want to hear these realities and at certain points we felt our support fading away. Other cancer survivors share this loss. People assume that treatment makes you better, that things become OK, that life goes back to “normal.” However, there is no normal in cancer-land. Cancer survivors have to define a new sense of normal, often daily. And how can others understand what we had to live with everyday?
My photographs show this daily life. They humanize the face of cancer, on the face of my wife. They show the challenge, difficulty, fear, sadness and loneliness that we faced, that Jennifer faced, as she battled this disease. Most important of all, they show our Love. These photographs do not define us, but they are us. 
Cancer is in the news daily, and maybe, through these photographs, the next time a cancer patient is asked how he or she is doing, along with listening, the answer will be met with more knowledge, empathy, deeper understanding, sincere caring and heartfelt concern.

“Love every morsel of the people in your life.” – Jennifer Merendino

visit angelo’s facebook

visit http://mywifesfightwithbreastcancer.com/

Secrets from the Stage Day 24


photo credit: Laura Friend Photography 

Secrets from the Stage


Performing is a funny thing, I think sometimes people think they are watching tv and don’t realize it’s a real person standing up there on stage. I used to get really nervous to the point where my hands were shaking. I still have my days when I freak out, but lately I feel really at home. I think it has a lot to do with the band supporting me. I need to know the musicians are on my side. It sucks to have a band that you feel like you have to impress. Sounds weird, but it happens. Sometimes the musicians can be so studied in their art that they are condescending, but that is not the case with this band. They are so incredible and some of the best musicians I have ever met, yet they are humble and still have a great passion for music, even after many years on the road. I am blessed.  

Here are the things you may be surprised to know I am thinking when I’m on stage:

1. Is my fly unzipped , Do I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe, is my dress tucked in to my tights ?

2. What are those people in the front row whispering ? Do they like me ? 

3. OMG !! What are the words to the next verse ? I wrote this song, surely I should know this ! 

4. What did that guy just yell out in the last row ?? Did he say, “I love you” or “f you” or what ?? 

5. Sometimes I am even thinking of something that happened that day or noticing what someone is wearing in the crowd, yet somehow the words are still coming out of my mouth. 

6. Wow ! How does that person know the words to my song ? Yay, they are singing along, that is awesome.

7. I’m so thankful that girl/guy in the front row thaht  just smiled at me, I think they are having a good time, they are carrying me through this performance.

8. Dammit, my hair is stuck to my lip, I shouldn’t have worn so much lipstick, I can’t stop playing guitar to fix my hair, I’m gonna look like I have a mustache in these pictures people are taking 

9. When I’m not playing my guitar and I’m just singing, I’m thinking what do I do with my hands, what do I do with my feet, I can’t dance, give me back my guitar !!! 

10. I wish my dad was here, he would be able to tell me if I really did a good job or not

11. And in the end of it all, if I am still really nervous, I bring myself back to the thought of only singing to please God, and realize I will never be perfect and I do not have to be, I have his favor , and he will make sure his light shines through regardless of my flaws. 


How is this relevant to Breast Cancer Awareness ? I’m not quite sure, but I do know I carry my story with me everywhere I go and my story involves a tragic loss to the disease of breast cancer. That loss shaped who I am, quirkiness, insecurities, passion, and all and this is me sharing just a little bit more of my heart, in hopes that you will share yours. I truly love you and I’m praying for you every day. Yes, even if you are a stranger, I am praying to God for anyone who reads this. It’s a general prayer, but I think God knows what’s up ! 




This is Gonna Be Fun…


Hey Y’all,


My live stream, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, is right around the corner. I am getting excited. I have never done anything like this before. I have played benefit concerts for other causes, but I’ve never put together my own show. I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of people willing to help out. 


Being on the road and planning a wedding, at the same time has been nuts and I’m not sure why I felt compelled to throw one more thing in the mix, but this cause is so close to my heart and I feel like no matter how busy I may be or what is going on, there are people out there who need my support ,and need awareness brought to this disease. 


  For those of you who don’t know what a Stage IT Concert is, it is an online performance that can be viewed on basically any computer! So it’s like watching a concert in the comfort of your own home. In order to purchase tickets, you click the link below and donate whatever you can. Every little bit helps. No pressure to make a large donation. We have offered incentives below for your donations. I am so glad that my dad, Billy Falcon, will be joining me for this show and I think it is going to be a great time. I am hoping to have a few special guests and lots of laughs.  

Check out the cool stuff we are offering below:


 (all net proceeds go to City of Hope)

Buy tickets:

Top Supporter Rewards: (Donate what you wish)

Top donation gets: Prize pack with signed 8×10 from Billy and Rose. A signed CD from Both Billy and Rose a Rose Falcon T-Shirt, and 2 Rose Falcon Coozies.

For a $25 dollar donation everyone will get a signed Rose CD and a signed Billy CD.

For a $10 dollar or more donation a signed Rose Falcon CD.

*** And a special prize: For $200 if someone lives in an area where Rose is playing they will get 2 tickets to the Rose Falcon, Rodney Atkins, And Frankie Ballard show of their choice plus meet and greets, signed cd’s,
t-shirts and coozies !


And a special thanks to Jewels For Hope for donating a beautiful Swarovski Pearl Bracelet, which I will be auctioning off during the live stream. Check it out.


Self Examination !!!!

I’m sorry, this is kind of ridiculous, but I wanted to lighten the mood a little and it’s for a good cause. All of the proceeds from downloads of this song go to KOMEN. I have nothing to do with this song btw.. didn’t write it, didn’t sing it, just found it on youtube. Sometimes a little silliness can be refreshing. Touch your boobies !! Self examination is important !